Treasures of Polity

We produced two great leaders of world class in all aspects. They gave us pride, grit, sense of identity and sense of direction because they were icons of truth, righteousness and nobility. Above all, these two stars of human history gave us self-belief. We own them in every molecule of our body, mind and soul.

After them, we are witnessing (barring a few odd exceptions) a gradual decline in our leadership inventory. No leader, at all big places, even comes close to their shoes not to talk of their style, vision, stature, statesmanship and integrity. Instead we are left to deal with the waste materials. The nauseating battery of rulers (in the garb of redeemers and democratic representatives) that we are coerced to live with are akin to flowing gutters in their conduct and deeds. The Zardaris, Zehris, Nawaz , Altafs and Khakies have stolen away our hope , pride and self esteem and sense of nobility, identity and direction that we inherited from the great duo as guide post of our national decisions. 

The common man is humiliated, angered, destituted, dismayed and lost at the cross roads of ethnic, linguistic, sectarian divide. Who is to be blamed? The notorious battery of thieves of national treasures of polity or the custodian himself? I think the charge attracts to the common man who gave such street urchin repeat license of plunder, pilferage and rent-seeking. Let common man feel truly sorry for his erratic decisions of the past. His resolve during the Elections 2018 must be to vote in the discerners and promoters of the nobility and integrity the two great Quaids. He may also authoritatively shunt out the villainy leeched upon us over the last 70 years; and by default be ready to recover his pride and self-esteem that our founding fathers bestowed upon him to secure the future of his progeny. Divine wisdom has ordained that Allah changes the state of misery of only those people who are themselves willing to change it .